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Modern facilities, emergencies in 1 hour or less, pregnancy in 1 hour, pediatric samples, paternity (DNA), premarital. Results electronically.
We accept most medical plans. Parking available at Monte Mall.

"We are your allies in your search for well-being"


All of our results are reported in a computerized format allowing your doctor to receive a clear and organized report. We are prepared for the electronic reporting of your results.

  • Emergencies in 1 hour or less
  • Pregnancy in 1 hour
  • Home service
  • Pediatric Samples
  • Pre-marital
  • We carry out all kinds of clinical analyzes
  • We accept most medical plans including Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Reform Plan among others.
  • Parking available at "Monte Mall."

Trust the experience and professionalism of our laboratory in San Juan in the Hato Rey Area

Clinical Laboratory with more than 45 years of service to the Puerto Rican people.

El Monte Clinical Laboratory knows that to manage your health in the best possible way you need 100% professional diagnoses.

That is why you can fully trust the results of the tests we perform in our San Juan laboratory in the Hato Rey area. Our medical technologists have vast experience in the field of medical technology which that allows us to carry out all kinds of clinical analyzes. If you have to take any test, visit us and be sure to leave your results in good hands.

Our Commitment

At El Monte Clinical Laboratory we are aware of having a great responsibility and for this reason we care about providing reliable information on each test performed.

To achieve this we have a highly qualified staff and a sophisticated team at the forefront of technology.

We always maintain high quality and excellence in all the services we offer. Our responsibility with the patient begins from when he enters the laboratory to receive his services until we deliver his results.

Bajo todo el proceso de realización de pruebas existe una garantía de la más alta calidad.

At El Monte Clinical Laboratory we comply with all quality control standards required by laws and regulations.

Our staff maintains strict confidentiality in everything related to the patient and the tests that are performed.

At El Monte Clinical Laboratory we are always at the service of health.

All kinds of tests

At El Monte Clinical Laboratory your health always comes first. We understand the need you have to receive accurate, precise and fast results from your laboratory; with that in mind, we will offer you a great variety of comprehensive clinical tests such as:

  • • Sexually transmitted disease tests
  • • Doping tests (Urine and Hair)
  • • Hemoglobin and pregnancy tests
  • • Emergency Chemistry tests in 1 hour or less
  • • Paternity Testing
  • • Pre-Marriage Testing
  • • Thyroid Tests
  • • Urine tests
  • • Bacteriology
  • • Crops
  • • CBC in 15 minutes
  • • Cancer screening
  • • Bilirubin for newborns

We Accept Most Health Plans

Parking available at Monte Mall

For more information, call or visit us today, our staff will be ready to give you special attention.

Come to our laboratory in San Juan for diagnosis and follow-up

We are your allies in your search for well-being

Come to our Clinical Laboratory in San Juan for the analysis of your tests. We are your allies in your search for well-being in the face of any uncertainty related to your Health, the main thing is to know well the cause and its possible consequences. At El Monte Clinical Laboratory we guarantee exact and precise laboratory services so that your doctor has the necessary tools so that your diagnosis and treatment is adequate for your professional of health have at hand all the elements of judgment to plan with you the best way to stay healthy, we work so that you receive your results as quickly as possible. Why go to another laboratory when Laboratory El Monte Clinic has everything you are looking for and more?


Laboratorio Clínico El Monte has been serving the entire San Juan area since 1965, particularly the Hato Rey area, which has made us one of the most experienced and reliable clinical laboratories, visit us and allow that your doctor provide you with the proper diagnosis and follow-up.

Cutting edge technology

In our laboratory, all tests are analyzed using the most advanced technology on the market in order to obtain accurate and precise results. We guarantee strict confidentiality in all results.

Visit us and see for yourself the quality and reliability of our services.